Stage 3
16:15 - 17:15
Building the digital accommodation and hospitality ecosystem of the future

Short thesis

The ongoing digitalization of the travel space exposes game changing opportunities and challenges for both businesses and customers. A growing distribution of customer interaction across online and offline touch points as well as an urgent need for just-in-time travel anywhere and at anytime require established OTAs to solve yet unforeseen technical challenges.


The HRS Innovation Hub develops a new integrated ecosystem of people, methodologies and solutions to renovate the blurring travel booking space with a future platform to everyone’s accommodation experience. With this talk the 43 years ago established hotel reservation service HRS is giving a sneak peek on how it pairs decades of operational experience with future technology and data utilization in a new competitive edge.

Joerg Malang, Founder of the Innovation Hub and Managing Director of HOTEL DE and Martin Biermann, CTO Innovation Hub HRS Group, invite to have a look into the future of hospitality.  


Presented by HRS.