• 19.08.2016

    Crowdsourcing cost-efficient medicine, or computer games against dementia – the re:health track at re:publica has provided many examples in the past year for how digitization is not only changing, but also improving our health and wellbeing. 

  • 01.08.2016

    Virtuality Reality is on the rise – in journalism as much as anywhere. Gabriel Lifton-Zoline explains in an interview with Philip Banse of dctp.tv the wider social relevance of the advance of VR in journalism. 

  • 18.07.2016

    This year we celebrated the 10th re:publica and what a party it turned out to be! TEN is NET was the central theme and the all-round design showed that YOU are re:publica! Check out how our designers and architects put it all together.

  • 08.07.2016

    spring berlin takes its summer break. Our event platform presented so many amazing Berlin-based events during April and May – now it's time to welcome summer.

  • 07.07.2016

    Even bigger, with even more topics: 3,500 visitors surged into Kühlhaus’ fourth and fifth floor for our #FASHIONTECH Berlin conference on June 29, 2016. For one whole day, visitors were invited to view fashiontech designers’ creations and to gain inspiration from new projects relating to the digitalization of the fashion industry.

  • 24.06.2016

    Kitted out with virtual reality glasses and motion capture suit presentations, fashion experts gathered at re:publica TEN. Read up on the most exciting topics and themes from the #FASHIONTECH Berlin sub-conference. 

  • 23.06.2016

    The 10th re:publica was wild, colourful and exciting – but what did you think went particularly well and where could we improve in the coming year? To find the answers to these questions we turned to the very heart of re:publica: you. Thank you all for the important feedback we didn't want to keep from you.

  • 20.06.2016

    Coworking, clickworking, crowdworking – the mere fact that these words have entered our everyday vocabulary shows how much digitalisation has already changed the world of work. Does this really leave us better off? This is just one of the questions that the Call it Work track at re:publica TEN addressed. 

  • 15.06.2016

    re:publica TEN – the full “fusion of netizens and society”. Philip Banse from dctp.tv was at re:publica TEN to talk with author, blogger, publisher, culture-optimist and re:publica co-founder Johnny talked about ten years of re:publica and how the digital society has developed and changed over the past decade.

  • 13.06.2016

    Even bigger and more exciting: the 6th #FASHIONTECH Berlin conference on 29 June 2016 at Kühlhaus will be held on 2 full floors, with one floor as a dedicated exhibition space for startups and other floor featuring talks on the interface of fashion and technology.

  • 10.06.2016

    On Day 3 of re:publica TEN, Stage 8 played host to the FinTech track. The participants had the chance to learn about topics like Bitcoin and Blockchain, as well as to gain an overall better understanding of how the application of technology in the financial sector is changing existing power structures. 

  • 02.06.2016

    At re:publica TEN Philip Bans of dctp.tv talked to several speakers about their topics. In a longer video interview Markus Beckedahl, co-founder of re:publica, explains how it all began.