Touching All Senses with Daimler Business Innovation

Our partner Daimler Business Innovation has come up with a brand-new stand concept with the motto “Touching all senses – beyond mobility”.

The re:publica Internet and society conference in Berlin is celebrating a special anniversary. Europe’s most exciting Internet and society conference will be held for the tenth time in 2016, this year with a focus on "Art and Culture". We at Daimler Business Innovation will be taking part as a partner for the fifth time and have come up with a brand-new stand concept suitable for the occasion on your behalf. In previous years, we’ve primarily focused on topics of mobility such as car2go, moovel and autonomous driving, which are important to us. But for the tenth anniversary, we’ve opted for a concept that develops and reveals new touch points with the automotive world of Mercedes-Benz, in line with the motto "Touching all senses – beyond mobility".

When it comes to art, culture and mobility, examination of one’s sensory experiences is much more important than anything else. As a uniting element, they bridge the gap to the topics associated with the interface between people and technology, which bring together all the re:publica partners and participants. We want to prove this both tangibly and with the senses using our three touch points – the digital-analogue classroom, the disco ball you can enter, and the Mercedes-Benz food truck.

In the music disco ball in the Main Hall, you can listen to the sound of the re:publica TEN and create it yourself. The classroom in Hall 8 combines the old with the new, providing an environment in which you can put your own ideas about teaching and learning to the test and redefine them. Located outside, our Mercedes-Benz food truck offers you the opportunity to pamper your senses of smell and taste. Here, we combine the topic of innovation with culinary surprises, and showcase them in the world of flavor.

So allow your senses to be your guide at re:publica TEN. We look forward to your visit and fascinating conversations. Aside from re:publica, you can, of course, also visit us at our blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Photo credit: Daimler