TINCON – teenageinternetwork convention

Over time, many have noted that "Something like a re:publica for teenagers would be great!" So some people decided to materialize the idea and bring it to life. This year, there is the very first TINCON!

TINCON – teenageinternetwork convention – was created by the re:publica’s co-founders Tanja and Johnny Haeusler. The event will take place on May 27–29, 2016. Over the course of those three days, young people will act as both spectators and performers at the beautiful stages of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. They will make discoveries in workshops on topics from Cryptography to Game Prototyping and simultaneously network with their peers. YouTube stars like Fynn Kliemann, Marie Meimberg, Alina and Flo from CuBirds are among the list of participants. Friends of re:publica will make appearances, too, including Dirk von Gehlen, who will test the attendants with his Meme­Quiz. TINCON also has international guests like Clemantine Wamariya. And in the midst of all this excitement, TINCON will also have robots!

There’s still tickets left for all people between 13 and 21 years, and for them only! Adults can only be part of TINCON as speakers or volunteers.

So tell your digitally savvy teenage children, nephews, cousins: We got something for them. TINCON.

Have a look at the website: tincon.org. Get your ticket over here. The programme is over here

Visual by TINCON