Sippin' It Ice Cold at re:publica TEN

We're banking on full-on summer weather during re:publica TEN so we will be serving up the appropriate refreshments. Here are a few so far: Flora Power, Fritz-Kola and Berliner Pilsner and more will provide you with a refreshing power-up between sessions, during meetups and to cool down those heated discussions. Networking is always nicer with a cool drink in hand!

Today, we'd like to briefly present Flora Power: this mate tea drink stems from none other than Reinecke’s Getränke-Laden in Hamburg-Altona. With over 30 years experience, the drinks distributor has established itself in providing some of the best niche products. Its founders, Hans-Werner Grimm and Ludger Walterbusch, were first to deliver to Hamburg's Hafenstrasse and soon made a name for themselves in the city's subculture scene. Flora Power was born 11 years ago. The idea behind it was to create a mate drink from mate tea extracts in a 0.33 litre bottle with a bottle cap, instead of those screw topped, half litre bottles than end up going warm anyway. Breweries didn't want anything to do with the idea so two years later they started it themselves. They found that the existing methods of production weren't adequate for what they had in mind so instead, their company produced the needed raw material and they rented their own bottling plant. Production began. Different to the more usual, very sweet drinks, their mate drink had a refreshingly tart taste and much less carbonation. The raw materials were sourced from their network: the father of a friend from the pub collective was a nutritional scientist, so Hans-Werner and Ludger asked him to develop a recipe. With great success!

Since then, Flora Power has persevered and expanded. It was made available in 0.5 litre bottles in 2010 and, in 2015, in 0.2 litre bottles to mix into long-drinks.

Cheers to Flora Power! 

Bildnachweis: Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)