New at re:publica TEN: Immersive Experiences at the labore:tory

To celebrate re:publica's 10th anniversary, we've been coming up with some new features for this year's conference. One of the highlights will be the inclusion of STATION Berlin's former Kühlhaus in this year's event programme. Branded as the “labore:tory” the space's three levels will be used during all three re:publica days to showcase a particular thematic focus. As the name labore:tory suggests, the Kühlhaus will be a place for experimentation. Alongside a stage on the first level, levels two and three form the core of the interactive and participative parts of the building, where you'll be able to experiment with various technologies, including virtual reality equipment. We'll join you in the exploration of new themes and topics, particularly in the area of Immersive Arts (more on this below). The addition of the Kühlhaus to re:publica means an increase in programme content and - with around 10,000m2 - also an increase in the overall size of the re:publica grounds!

The following are the labore:tory's day-by-day thematic focus:

2 May will be dedicated to Musicday, a full focus on music and digital in cooperation with Musicboard Berlin. Big data, open source and streaming services were a major focus of the very first Musicday at re:publica 2015. We'll be building on last year's success and using the Kühlhaus space to go even deeper into this year's themes and topics.

The second re:publica day (3 May) will be all about the performing arts. Focusing on theatre, literature and art, Immersive Arts looks to turn art into a multi-dimensional experience. The application of virtual and augmented reality technologies in art production and dissemination is an exciting area for film, performance and even literature.

On 4 May, the fifth #FASHIONTECH Berlin will complete the labore:tory experience. The day will be dedicated to the interweaving of fashion and technology and the digitisation of the entire fashion industry. We look forward to learning more about these interdisciplinary connections!

Photo credit: Andreas Gebhard, CEO and co-founder of re:publica, explains the labore:tory at Kühlhaus to journalists by Verena Dauerer (CC BY 2.0); graphic by fertig design (CC BY 2.0)