The 10th re:publica was wild, colourful and exciting – but what did you think went particularly well and where could we improve in the coming year? To find the answers to these questions we turned to the very heart of re:publica: you. A total of 917 people gave us feedback through our attendee survey!

Wow – thank you all for participating!

We've learned so many exciting things from you and one fact made us particularly happy: 49% of #rpTEN attendees were female. Yay!

With a broad view of the data, most re:publica attendees are between 31 – 40 years of age, employed (40%) or self-employed (24%) and what impressed us most: 42% travelled over 400km to be at re:publica.
We're also impressed that you don't just attend for the lolz: the number 1 reason you gave for attending was the programme content (85%), followed by new solutions and services (53%) and meeting interesting people (51%) but also for further professional development (47%). Once there most of you stayed for all three re:publica days (81%).

[caption]Goodbye fireworks at #rpTEN credit: re:publica/Jan Michalko CC BY 2.0.[/caption]

The 10th re:publica and we get to see even more new faces: 38% were re:publica newbies \o/. Welcome! A huge welcome and massive thank you also goes to the 1% of you who have been with us through all ten re:publica years.

You gave us high grades this year for the accreditation process and the short waiting lines. You also applauded the competence of our numerous helpers as well as the kids space. In terms of programme content you enjoyed the selection and quality of speakers, as well as the atmosphere and diversity of the entire event.

Where we could do better in future is in the selection of catering (more vegetarian options and shorter waiting times), our Wi-Fi coverage and stage / space assignment. We are also looking at improving the way we handle workshops and tie in our partners during the full 3 days.

But will we see each other again? YES (77%)!!! We already excited and can't wait to see you again!

If you want to see the results of the event survey for yourself you can download the 27 questions and answers from us. Answers to questions which required original input from you will not be shown. Rest assured though, that we read all of your answers and reflected on all constructive criticism, suggestions for improvements and praise. Any further comments can be submitted via our contact form or via email to info (at) re-publica.de.

PS: The winners of the tickets for the very first re:publica in Dublin have been chosen: 443, 414, 73, 120, 381 – you got mail. Congrats & cu at #rpDUB!


Photo credits: re:publica/Jan Michalko (CC BY 2.0)