Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary: re:publica is Back on Berlin's U-Bahn!

Over the past two years, re:publica was featured on all screens of Berlin's U-Bahn network. For the 10th re:publica celebration we want to push the issues facing our digital society to a wider audience and show how they are important and relevant for all of us.

Starting today, 4 April 2016, the new re:publica trailer by JUTOJO will be broadcast for an entire month on all 3800 Berliner Fenster screens on the U-Bahn and advertise the conference taking place in May at STATION Berlin. Our TEN is NET motto is reflecting throughout Berlin's subway system.

During its three event days, re:publica will fill Berliner Fenster's playlist with content from the conference and the wider digital society. The editorial teams of re:publica and netzpolitik.org, in cooperation with students from Munich's Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS), will offer information on speakers, conference updates, security tools and tips for users, reading suggestions on internet topics and much more. Berliner Fenster editors will concisely condense all this information into easily understandable material and present them in precise short articles. Voices from social media will also be featured. As in the past two years, the best tweets and funniest, most interesting and most atmospheric Instagram pictures will be broadcast on the double screens on all U-Bahn lines. Check it out!

The #rpTEN trailer, featured on all U-Bahn screens starting 4 April (online version):
​[video: https://youtu.be/tQKY0GJfSic]

Screenshot by JUTOJO — Re:publica Ten Opener (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)